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Exhaust Repair Uniontown OH

Exhaust Repair and Muffler Repair in Uniontown, Ohio

You have failed your emissions test and you are wondering how you could have missed this problem. Unfortunately, many people wait for the telltale loud rumble when they start their car as the indication that they need a muffler repair in Uniontown, Ohio. What you need is Ken’s Auto to check your whole exhaust system. At Ken’s, we aren’t just muffler experts. We are the experts in exhaust repair in Uniontown, Ohio.

Like Ohio, many states require an emissions test every couple of years to protect the environment from the toxic gases that a car can give off if the exhaust system is not working properly. Your muffler is only the noise reduction part of that exhaust system, and if yours malfunctions, it is endangering more than the environment. Carbon monoxide fumes could be entering your car and endangering you and your family.

Rely on the highly trained staff at Ken’s Auto to thoroughly examine your entire exhaust system for signs of cracks and leaks. They can determine if gases are seeping into your car, if your muffler needs to be replaced and what other parts may need service. Our ASE certified experts can also identify corrosion or weak spots so that you can arrange for service before it becomes an emergency, and before you fail an emissions test.

Ask our professionals about getting an annual inspection of your exhaust system. You can be assured of always having a safely operating exhaust system by having our friendly staff check your muffler and exhaust pipes for wear and checking that all mounts are secure. We also will check your catalytic converter to be sure it is controlling the emissions from your car.

If you suddenly hear loud noises when you start your car, experience shaking from your muffler when your car is idling, or you observe rust or a hanging part beneath your car, come to Ken’s Auto, where exhaust repair in Uniontown, Ohio is made easy. We have two locations for your convenience – our Auto Repair Shop at 1656 Massillon Road and our Exhaust Center at 1710 Massillon Road. Experts at both locations are ready to fully serve you, whether you need a small adjustment, a full exhaust system, or a simple muffler repair in Uniontown, Ohio.


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