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Auto Services in Akron, Ohio

At Ken’s Auto Service Center, we provide expert auto repair as well as specializing in exhaust and muffler repair. Our ASE certified staff members use the latest technology available to diagnose your problem and supply you with an accurate estimate for your repair. Whatever the problem, we can fix it.

Need a ride? We’ll get you where you need to go while your car is repaired.

Our services:

Brakes: Reliable brakes are an essential safety feature of your vehicle. We provide regular maintenance and repair services as needed.

Engine Repair: The engine is the heart of any vehicle. We use the latest technology to diagnose your engine problem and keep your car running efficiently.

Suspension: Your vehicle’s suspension system provides steering stability and reduces the impact of road imperfections. Our technicians can evaluate your suspension if your ride seems rough or your steering seems stiff.

Shocks/Struts: If you notice fluid leaking, unstable steering, or uneven wear patterns on your tires, it may be time to replace these suspension parts.

Steering: Protect your vehicle’s steering by getting it inspected, having the parts lubed and changing the power steering fluid regularly. If you notice leaking or uneven tire wear, bring it to us.

Air conditioning/ Heating: Schedule your vehicle for check-ups at each season change to keep your air condition and heating running efficiently. We check fluid levels, hoses and air filters so you have no surprises.

Cooling: We provide maintenance & repair services for your vehicle’s cooling system, including the radiator, thermostat, hoses, clamps and water pump, to prevent engine damage that can result from overheating.

Exhaust: Our specialty is your exhaust system. A carefully maintained exhaust keeps the toxic gases produced by your car out, and your family safe inside.

Engine Performance: Regular maintenance on your vehicle will keep the engine running at maximum efficiency and your car running longer. We provide routine inspections and provide oil changes, replacement spark plugs and clean air filters, as well as tips so you can keep your engine at peak performance.

Vehicle Maintenance: Ask us about our maintenance programs that help you stay on top of your vehicle’s needs.

Diagnostic: Is something wrong with your car, truck or RV, but you’re not quite sure what? At Ken’s we have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment so our experts can identify the problem and provide you with a solution.

E-Check: Our experts know what it takes to keep your car running safely and efficiently so you will always pass your E-Check. If your E-Check inspection is coming due, bring your vehicle to Ken’s for an inspection of all pertinent parts to be sure you pass.

Tune-Up: Your tune-up at Ken’s includes an inspection of your spark plugs, fuel system and engine timing, and cleaning, replacing and adjusting parts as needed.

Mufflers: Your muffler is the noise reduction part of your exhaust system, keeping your vehicle running quietly and safely. Our specialists will let you know when your muffler and your entire exhaust system need attention.

Tires: Tires that are in good condition and appropriate for road and weather condition are key to your safety and your vehicle’s performance. Our technicians will inspect your tires for wear and advise you on seasonal changes to keep you and your family safe.

Large Vehicle Service: Large trucks, buses, and RV’s are no problem at Ken’s. We have the tools, equipment and expertise to assist you with maintenance and repair issues for all your large vehicles.


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Ken’s Auto Service Center
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Ken’s Auto Service Center Exhaust Center
1710 Massillon Road, Akron, OH 44312
Phone: 330-784-3418

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